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Personalised Coaching is for you if...

You are dealing with differences in sexual needs or libido in your relationship

You want to explore how to improve sexual satisfaction and pleasure

You struggle to communicate your needs and wants to your partner

You are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and shame around intimacy

Lack of confidence
Communication challenges
Sexual dissatisfaction
Unclear boundaries  
Conflicts or disagreements
Loss of passion or connection
Can't express desires
Not exploring new ideas
Increase in confidence
Able to communicate clear boundaries
Reignite your passion
Fulfilling all your desires
Exploring new ideas
Getting the most pleasure
out of sex
Communicate clearly with
your partner

What can I do for you? 

What people have to say...

"Shay’s expertise in sex and relationships has been transformative for me and my partner. Her guidance has helped us to improve our communication, intimacy and personal growth. Shay’s compassionate approach created a safe space for us to work on our relationship. I am so grateful for all the advice and support she provided."


"Attending the workshop was a fantastic experience. It was fun and informative, and surprisingly not awkward at all. I left feeling empowered and knowledgeable about how I can improve my sex life. I would definitely recommend this workshop. A brilliant get together with friends."


"Whenever I've needed some advice on navigating the ups and downs of relationships and intimacy, Shay has been there with strategies that make sense. She offers a practical and realistic approach that actually works. I've seen so many improvements in my life, thanks to her guidance. For anyone looking for relationship or intimacy support, I couldn’t recommend Shay more!"


"What sets Shay apart is her genuine commitment to her clients growth and well-being. She went above and beyond to tailor her approach to suit my needs, giving me the tools and advice I needed to make lasting positive changes. Thanks to her guidance, I've become much better at communicating, feel more sexually confident, and am much more satisfied in my relationships."


"Shay is very knowledgeable regarding sex, relationships, and the reproductive systems. She made me feel comfortable and helped me get rid of any shame. Very professional and educational! Would love to do a workshop with her in the future!"


"I recommend Shay to anyone seeking to enhance their intimacy, strengthen their relationships, or better understand healthy conflict and desires. Her understanding, caring approach, and expertise have really helped us a lot. I'm very thankful for her support."


"Shay is really an expert when it comes to sex and relationships. She has a lot of knowledge and identified the real reasons for the problems we were having. With her insightful advice, practical activities, and caring support, I gained very valuable understanding about myself and my relationships."


"With Shays guidance myself and my partner transformed our long term relationship. She helped us improve our connection with each other by creating better practices for us and shifting our mindset, helping us to prioritise what's important to us and realign our values. Intimacy is a huge part of a healthy relationship and we learned so much more about each other and how we work best together as a team. Thank you Shay!"



Who am I?

Hey I'm Shannen (Shay).

Some quick facts about me.

I'm passionate about empowering women to prioritise their pleasure.

I believe the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

I've been there, I overcame my own intimacy and connection challenges and now help others unlock their pleasure potential.

My dream is to create a sex positive world!

My Values at Sexplore with Shay 

Unlocking your erotic potential

I empower you to embrace pleasure, and work on your self development
I provide you with the tools for confident , authentic self-expression
I'm here to support you and cheer you on!

Reclaim your pleasure

I believe everyone deserves joyful, fulfilling intimacy.
I have a shame free and sex positive approach.
I help deepen the connection to your sensual self.

Judgement and shame free zone

I'm here to listen, understand and help you become the best version of yourself.
You will always have a safe space to express yourself with me.
My job is to get you to where you want to be.

I am committed to helping people overcome obstacles in their lives.

I support clients in overcoming challenges.
My goal is to get you to where you want to be.
I provide you with the lifelong tools to overcome your issues.

Knowledge is power

I encourage people to learn more about sexual health and consent.
I promote ongoing learning and personal development.
I believe everyone deserves inclusive, informative and accurate sex education.


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What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

The main difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching focuses on setting goals and taking action to achieve your desired outcomes in the present and future, while therapy tends to explore past experiences, trauma, and mental health conditions in order to improve over all well-being.

Do you offer both individual and couples coaching? 

I offer both individual coaching for personal growth and couples coaching for enhancing relationship dynamics.

What type of issues do you address in your coaching sessions?

I address a wide range of concerns related to intimacy, communication, sexual health and relationship satisfaction.

How often are your coaching sessions and how long do they last? 

Coaching sessions usually happen weekly, with each session lasting around 50 minutes.

What are your coaching fees and do you offer discounts? 

Coaching fees vary depending on the service and duration. I offer 4, 8 and 12 week packages although if none of these packages suit you, just get in touch and we can discuss a custom package. The price per session gets cheaper the more sessions you purchase.

How do you ensure client confidentiality?  

Confidentiality is a top priority. I adhere to strict ethical guidelines and professional standards to safeguard client information, and all communication and records are kept confidential unless required by law or with explicit client consent.  


Have a question? Please feel free to send a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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